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Raise the Bar – The Importance of Market Segmentation, Seven Virtues of Sales, and more

The Benefits of Building a Repeatable Sales Process

The best free-thrower in the world isn’t Shaq. It isn’t Steph Curry. It isn’t even Steve Nash. It’s Ted St. Martin, the Guinness World Record for the most consecutive successful free throws in a row: 5,221. His secret? Process. The advantages of developing this directed, systematic series of actions are twofold: consistency and efficiency. Here’s why a sales process is important.

Always Be Closing Sales

Matt Cameron of SalesOpsCentral talks about sourcing great salespeople using what he calls Behavioral Interviewing, how to position yourself for advancement in your own sales career, and finally how founders should be managing their ‘first’ and first VP of Sales in “Heavybit Sales Master Class Feat. Matt Cameron

Janet Comenos of Spotted Media outlines why she replaced all of their sales stages with emotive virtues that described their actual intentions with the buyer in “Our Seven Virtues of Sales

Expand Your Marketing Funnel

Myk Pono of MYXYS shares the process involved in designing successful marketing campaigns, with the goal to detail practical strategies and tactics that are vital in launching high ROI marketing campaigns in “How to Design Marketing Campaigns: The Importance of Market Segmentation

Jonathan Taylor of Klipfolio admits he was nervous about effectively deploying a large ad budget, walks through how he built and ran campaigns, and the customer-centric tradeoffs he was willing to take in “We Spent $100k On Facebook Ads. Here’s What We Learned.

Grow Up and To The Right

Ty Magnin of Appcues expands on thirty techniques you can plot into your users’ lifecycle to scale their initial interest, their engagement, and their loyalty in “30 Ways to Experiment with Acquisition, Product, and Virality to Get More Growth

Spenser Skates of Amplitude provides a step-by-step way to use analytics to go from a non-sticky site to a sticky one by delving into how your users behave and what they value in “How to Drive Product Growth with Behavioral Personas

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