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Preparing for the Internet of Broken Things: The Top Five Pre-Series A Security Startups in the Bay Area

Illustration: Pat Kinsella (via Wired)

The world reimagined a dystopian future for privacy in yesterday’s article in Wired, “Why Tech’s Best Minds Are Very Worried About the Internet of Things.” The author pointed to security cameras hacked to mine bitcoins and worms that target internet connected devices at home to show how vulnerable personal data will be in the era of the IoT. Justin Reich, a fellow at Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, hedged his bets on the future of privacy by summarizing, “Everything that you love and hate about smartphones will be more so.”

We ranked the top five security startups in the Bay Area that have yet to raise a Series A round and found the following five atop the field:

  • BugCrowd solves the undersupply of cybersecurity professionals by giving businesses the ability to engage with a curated, reputation-driven community of over 8,000 security professionals. Mattermark Score: 618.
  • DocSend is an extensive analytics tool for documents that tells you what happens to documents after you send them and lets you maintain control in real time. Mattermark Score: 551.
  • Clef replaces usernames and passwords online by providing a smartphone app that users wave in front of their desktop screen to log in. Mattermark Score: 502.
  • Meldium manages team apps in one click, automating away the error-prone and insecure features of account management. Mattermark Score: 490.
  • Authy adds two-factor authentication to any website or app, providing a simple API for developers to customize security user experience for common applications. Mattermark Score: 457.

There are 137 security startups in the Bay Area that have yet to raise a Series A, and the industry is growing. To expand your search to other regions, click the “Location” button at the top of the screen and enter a city, region, or country. No private browser needed

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