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Have Startup Investors Pulled Back From the Brink? Venture Capital Returns to Pre 2014 Levels in Q4

With 13 business days left in 2015, Q4 is on pace for a dramatic decline in startup funding over recent quarters, with total investment currently standing at $11 Billion.

The last time startup investment growth outpaced the S&P 500 was during 1999 and 2000, and the current trend indicates investors may pull back this time rather than riding out the trend to a new high. This year’s growth was primarily driven by a flurry of large late stage investments that minted many new “unicorn” companies.

Mattermark Venture Capital Benchmarking 1995 to 2015

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Methodology Note: I included data from NVCA Dealbook as well as Mattermark to provide a longer historical picture. I believe the NVCA methodology may not include all rounds that do not include VC firms (like the huge Uber rounds) and this likely accounts for our higher numbers. Given non-VC firms have taken the place of VCs in this part of the ecosystem in a lot of cases I think it makes sense to include them.

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