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New York Startup Fliqq Raises $430K for Realtime Social Video

Fliqq revealed in a regulatory filing that they have raised a seed round of equity funding. It looks like the company was in startup alley (basically the expo hall) at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC last week and, according to Nibletz.com, they are currently working with celebrities like Wyclef Jean to help gain visibility and new users.

The service let’s you co-watch videos with friends and layers in additional social feature to enhance the experience. This is how they explain the service on their website:

With fliqq, you can watch videos together in real time and chat about them with your friends. You can laugh together, groan together and talk smack together as you watch rather than waiting around for a response to a post.

Content is king and on fliqq we’ve made discovering and sharing new videos with your friends an easy and natural process. Anyone can form a group and “fliqq” to new videos that will synchronize on everyone’s computer, and anyone in the group can “fliqq” to new content themselves.

Now, you can socialize with your friends and view content in real time with them, even if you are on different continents. There’s nothing to download – just login with Facebook to fliqq, laugh and share.

The company is cofounded by Christian Bendixen, Matthew Knysz, and Daniel Starin.

Video credit: Nibletz

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