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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

Introducing the Mattermark Private Venture Funding Index (read more)

Yesterday, we spoke with Emily Chang at Bloomberg West about the impact of public stock market volatility on the financing options and liquidity for startups. Today, we’re releasing the initial version of the Mattermark Venture Funding Index to simplify communication of the health of the startup funding ecosystem.VentureBenchmarking_09022015.001

Read more and see additional graphs in “Introducing the Mattermark Private Venture Funding Index (^MPVX)”

From the Investors

Patrick Mathieson of Toba Capital highlights the power of Quora as a platform and twelve steps to growing an engaged community in “A VC’s Guide to Building a Startup Community on Quora

Josh Kopelman of First Round Capital realizes that in 35 years, people may never learn to drive and expands on three reasons why in “300 Baud Modems and Autonomous Vehicles

Ali Hamed of CoVenture surfaces blog posts written through 2014-15 about the pre-seed investing space to explain what it is and how we got here in “What is Pre-Seed Investing? How Did it All Get Started? What Does it Mean Now?

Elizabeth Kraus of MergeLane provides an overview of what startup accelerators are and the value they offer startups in “What Is An Accelerator and Is It Right for Your Startups?

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures encourages founders to figure out where they are taking their company to build a loyal, hardworking, and motivated team in “What Are We Doing?

Angela Tran Kingyens of Version One Ventures and Jonathan Libov of Union Square Ventures look at what it means for developers to create health apps, and consumers to make their choices in a sea of apps vying for their attention in “On Digital Healthcare: Part III – Health Apps

From the Operators

Julie Zhuo of Facebook describes what it means to design the beginning and why she believes it’s so important to the success of a product in “Design the Beginning

Ali Powell of HubSpot focuses on a specific feature of Mattermark that saves her time as a sales rep in “One Simple Thing That You Can Do When You Decide to Work a Lead by Using Mattermark to Follow Trigger Events

Jareau Wade of Tilt/Open details the history and future of merchant underwriting for marketplaces in “Underwriting Marketplace Merchants

Shin Inoue of ForUsAll reviews the consumerization he believes is driving innovation in the small company HR/Benefits space in “Simple, Consumer-Friendly 401(k)s Empower Small Businesses

Tim Rodber of Instant Offices offers research that shows technology startups as the fastest growing business sector in London in “The UK SME is Alive and Kicking and Driving Growth This Year.

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