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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

From the Investors

Chamath Palihapitiya of Social Capital, Ali Rowghani of Y Combinator, and Lauren Gross of Founders Fund discuss a wide-range of topics with Jessica Lessin at The Information’s Subscriber Summit in “The Rise of the Quasi-VC Firm” (video)

Jim Scheinman of Maven Ventures explores the trend of vertically focused venture investing in “How Specialized VCs will Outperform the Market

Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures sees Twitter’s layoffs as ‘a watershed moment in the wake-up call and rationalization of our industry’ in “What Everyone Should Take Away from Twitter’s 8% Staff Reductions

Mahesh Vellanki of Redpoint Ventures outlines how he evaluates a potential investment in an on-demand company and adds some cautionary lessons learned in “10-Step Framework for Evaluating On-Demand Startups


Chris McCann of Greylock Partners shares his notes on the scaling story of Minted in Stanford’s CS183C Blitzscaling course in “Class 7 Notes

Guy Turner of Hyde Park Venture Partners describes what makes talent itself good at attracting more great talent in a startup in “T is for Talent – a startup framework

Ezra Galston of Chicago Ventures explores the theory of non-linear growth and how four of his investments are achieving it in “In Pursuit of Non-Linear Growth

From the Operators

Ben Thompson of Stratechery thinks the inputs to the Silicon Valley system have been changed, and we’re only now seeing the effects in “Venture Capital and the Internet’s Impact

Adam Mosam of Pivotshare recaps what he’s learned since creating a Startup Index Fund using AngelList in “I Recently Invested In Over 150 Startups

Steve Cheney of Estimote posits that any growth story should always be clear as to how outside capital will help you grow in “Reach vs Revenue

Julie Zhuo of Facebook illustrates a decision-tree for designers to discover insights about their work and career preferences in “What Kind of Design Work Should I Do?

Joey Primiani of Superfuture Labs expands on 10 characteristics he believes authentic leaders are good at cultivating and letting go in “Authentic Leaders Are Good At…

Mike Rosengarten of OpenGov writes an in-depth review of Venture Deals, a must-read book for founders and investors in “Book Summary: Venture Deals by Brad Feld & Jason Mendelson

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