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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

From the Investors

Hunter Walk of Homebrew and Euri Kim of Forerunner Venturesdiscuss her path to VC, focus on commerce startups, and view on ‘apprenticeship’ in VC in “Midas List 2020: Forerunner’s Euri Kim (and Why Company Names Matter to Her)

Jenny Lee of GGV Capital and Ryan Mac of Forbes cover her experiences starting GGV Capital’s China operations, investment track record, and thoughts on ‘the gender imbalance in the industry’ in “Cracking The Boys Club: Jenny Lee On What It Means To Be The Top Woman In Venture Capital

Steve Schlafman of RRE Ventures reflects on the principles he practices during a life transition, in hopes of inspiring others to be strong through the process in “Transitions

Arteen Arabshahi of Karlin Ventures expresses his thoughts on self-doubt and offers a list of products to help others improve their mental health in “Living With Doubts

Ezra Galston of Chicago Ventures notes that many ‘MicroVCs’ are moving away from the earliest stage startups and what that can mean for entrepreneurs in “A Pre-Seed Primer (if by Primer u mean Rant)

Enrique Allen of Designer Fund expands on how ‘purpose, people, practice, place, and progress’ are key to building and sustaining a community in “5 Ingredients for Building Community

Jeff Bruningham of Peak Ventures clarifies Peak Ventures’ investment thesis which focuses on ‘people first’, past lessons learned, and ‘managing to the stage of the company vs. stage of investments’ in “Our Investment in ObservePoint

From the Operators

Carl Cheo of CarlCheo.com lists emails and messages about early product ideas from now successful founders (Larry Page, Jeff Bezos, Drew Houston, etc) in “Fascinating Early Posts from Tech Founders Who Changed the World

Miami University Senior Mike Flores recaps three mistakes he made while fundraising and points founders to Mike Belsito’s book to learn how to avoid these mistakes in “If You’re Raising Money Outside The Valley, You Need To Read This

Tom Watson of HubbleHQ argues that the phrase ‘failure is OK’ has been lost at startups and describes how founders can ‘practice what they preach’ in “Are You Truly Accepting Failure?

Micah Baldwin of AWS Cloud wants founders to be direct and focused in their fundraising process, so he outlines how to use his three meeting method in “The Three Meeting Count

Max Lynch of DriftyTeam encourages developers to build ‘self-service SaaS products’, in hopes of motivating technical founders outside of the valley to lead companies in “Developers as Founders

In The News

J.D. Harrison of The Washington Post highlights today’s announcement by the Securities and Exchange Commission to approve JOBS Act Title IV rule changes to expand Regulation A, allowing private businesses to raise up to $50 million in equity crowdfunding in “SEC Finalizes Key JOBS Act Rules for Small Businesses

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