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Mattermark Daily – Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

From the Investors

Glenn Solomon of GGV Capital evaluates why Twilio worked for Wall Street in today’s climate, what we can divine from its success, and what it means for management teams hoping to complete IPOs in “Twilio: From API to IPO

Woodside Capital Partners reports over $2.4B has been invested in the  Augmented Reality sector since 2010, with ~ $1.1B invested in 2016 YTD in “Augmented Reality Report

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 4.00.12 PM

Samir Kaji of First Republic details why it’s important to be mindful of the impact the Micro-VC sub-sector has had on promoting diversity in “The Role of Micro-VC in Ushering in Venture Diversity

Angel Investor, Joanne Wilson highlights why changes in company culture have to happen in a big wave to have any real impact in “Is it Possible to Change a Culture?

Guy Turner of Hyde Park Venture Partners identifies three pitfalls in the Brexit vote that happen frequently in startups and are worthy of a watchful eye in “What Startups Can Learn from Brexit

Danny Crichton of CRV talks about what he hopes to contribute to New York’s growing startup ecosystem, as well as the reasons why CRV is making a foray into the city in “A Plan For New York

From the Operators

Jason Cohen of WP Engine provides a lengthy overview of forecasting and how to build your lead scoring model in “How to Measure the Accuracy of Forecasts

Adam Seabrook of Betterteam puts together 19 tips to help you build a strategy that attracts the best talent and keeps your company top of mind for star recruits in “Recruiting Strategies for Startups

Brandon Carter of TheSquareFoot goes inside their struggle to find the right person to run their marketing org in “Why Can’t We Hire a Senior Marketer?

Geoffrey Woo of Nootrobox outlines how he plans to accomplish their mission of creating a better society through smarter, better brains in “The Nootrobox Roadmap

John Saddington of Pinpoint shares a few thoughts on launching a newsletter in “Hey, This Newsletter Thing Can Actually Work

Francisco Dao of 50Kings calls out circular logic and lemming-like behavior in the startup community in “How VC Kool-Aid is Made

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