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Mattermark Daily – Thursday, June 26th

From the Investors

Brad Feld of Foundry Group teaches startups how to make Big Tech a buyer in “How Does a Small Company Make a Big Company Successful?

James Conlon of Bullpen Capital recommends you “be anything but forgettable” and “don’t forget there was a time when you didn’t know jack” as part of his “Seven Rules for Turning Your Grocery Bagging Skills Into a Venture Capital Career

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures rethinks smart watches as a platform after Google IO and its potential consequences on user behavior in “Why Smart Watches Could be a Huge Trend in Mobile

Steve Blank of I-Corps tweaks the curriculum of the Lean LaunchPad in “I-Corps at NIH – Pivoting the Curriculum

From the Operators

Nathan Kontny of Draft knows you’ll never get what you want if you don’t ask for it—and it doesn’t hurt if it’s handwritten—in “The Art of the Ask: How Asking the Right Questions Can Get You on the PGA Tour, or a Phone Call with Tim Ferriss

Kaitlin Pike of Mattermark builds a 5-Minute Marketing guide for events built on goals, bandwidth, and budget in “An Event Planning & Marketing Checklist for Startups

Mills Baker of Mokriya debates the relative strengths and weaknesses of “Slingshot and Snapchat

Misha Chellam of Tradecraft delivers some insights from Katie Hughes, head of talent at DFJ, in “Navigating the Hiring Process

Amanda Kahlow of 6Sense expounds the value of behavioral data in “Don’t Miss the Boat on B2B, Behavioral Data

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