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Mattermark Daily – Thursday, July 28th 2016

A $9.3B Boon For SaaS Startups (read now)

Oracle’s $9.3 billion deal to buy NetSuite sent shares in Box soaring 7 percent today. Why? Last quarter, NetSuite’s revenue was nearly 80 percent recurring. If public SaaS companies are for sale, who knows which shop is next?

The good news for startups: Your implied valuation went back up today.


From the Investors

Jeff Carter of Hyde Park Angels reflects on his group’s history in “9 Years Of Angel.” If you want to understand how a successful angel clique operates, this is for you.

Homebrew’s Hunter Walk puts on his journalist cap to interview author Virginia Heffernan about her book, which discusses the Internet as art. It’s an excellent digression from our usual charts and numbers.

Ben Einstein of Bolt VC takes on common startup myths and tracks how much easier it is to build hardware today in “Stop Saying Hardware Is Hard.”

Lowercase Capital’s Matt Mazzeo gives an interview to 33Voices saying that active seed investing doesn’t scale, a notable perspective given the current seed fundraising climate.

From the Operators

Sramana Mitra of One Million by One Million explores the financial nuts and bolts of Twitter’s aim to grow its video presence in “Twitter Counting on Video to Tweet it Back to Life.

TalentBin founder Peter Kazangy writes that founders and startups should “get over [themselves]” about meetings, which he claims are critical, and not anathema.

For the operators, in this case: FundersClub publishes a dive into which cities in the US are best for founders looking to raise capital.

The piece is a good follow-up to Mattermark’s work on the same question.

Jimi Smoot of Vesper discusses how to use the concept of abstraction in ourdaily lives to get more done. Anything to get more done, really, is welcome in this crazy age.


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