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Mattermark Daily – Thursday, December 11th

From the Investors

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures uses seven charts to analyze Box’s revenue growth, average revenue per customer, sales efficiency and more in “Benchmarking Box’s Updated S-1 – How 7 Key SaaS Metrics Stack Up


Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures explains how a company’s potential growth can ‘once in a while’ validate a stock trading at 20x revenues in “Revenue Multiples and Growth

Brad Feld of Foundry Group shows his support for MergeLane with a personal investment and points out their application deadline of December, 15th in “MergeLane – An Accelerator for Women-led Startups

Nick Grossman of Union Square Ventures says, it’s ‘worth cultivat[ing] some empathy when dealing with people – in general and in particular in difficult situations’ in “Everyone Is Broken and Life Is Hard

Rick Pelletier of OpenView Partners lays out five points for entrepreneurs to help their later rounds go ‘much more smoothly’ in “How to Avoid Costly Early Funding Mistakes

Nikhil Basu Trivedi of Shasta Ventures provides six reasons why Shasta Ventures invested in Hinge’s $12 million Series A in “Hinge

Connie Loizos of Strictly VC and Michael Eisenberg of Aleph discuss the VC environment and ‘disciplined market’ for startup valuations in Israel in “More Founders are Staying in Israel

From the Operators

David Gillis of Teehan+Lax expands on his perspective that ‘great digital products all have ethos, pathos and logos in “Great Digital Products Don’t Happen By Accident.

Serial Entrepreneur Elad Gil outlines his five reasons why founders should not let their lead investors have veto rights in “Should Your Lead VC Veto Other Investors?

Dan Kador of Keen IO presents why he believes emotional communication is lacking in ‘freely shared transparency’, in the startup world in “Emotional Transparency

Nathalie Miller of Doxa details her reasons for leaving Instacart and starting a startup that is ‘defying all [Sheryl] Sandberg logic’ in “Why I Jumped Off the Rocket Ship

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