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Mattermark Daily – Monday, September 14th, 2015

From the Investors

Chris Quintero of Bolt VC puts together a breakdown of hardware startup investments and investors in “Who Invests in Hardware Startups?


Jason Lemkin of Storm Ventures examines the pros and cons of taking on more funding from existing investors in “In Everyone-Wants-to-Get-FUnded Season – Be Careful Before You Say No To That Internal Round

Sean Percival of 500 Startups defines and provides examples for the many different classifications of ‘unicorn’ startups in “Field Guide to Unicorn Startups Around the World

Phin Barnes of First Round Capital reflects on his past life as an entrepreneur seeking advice from advisors and investors in “Dear Startup Advisors, You Don’t Always Need To Be Right, But You Have To Be Solid

David Lee formerly of SV Angel outlines the three checklists he recommends all entrepreneurs keep in mind when building a company in “Checklists for Startups

Charlie O’Donnell of Brooklyn Bridge Ventures contemplates the characteristics of what makes someone ‘truly great at something’ in “The Nature of Goodness

Ali Hamed of CoVenture covers alternative lending platforms and how he evaluates whether or not to invest in them in “Evaluating Alternative Financing/Lending Platforms

From the Operators

Preethi Kasireddy details why she decided to leave her job at Andreessen Horowitz to become a software engineer in “Why I Left the Best Job in the World

Scott Rosenberg of Grist declares with certainty that ‘Of course it’s a bubble!’ in “Lies Our Bubbles Taught Us

Tren Griffin of Microsoft talks with legendary investor Charlie Munger about why the best investors and business leaders spend more time on ‘what they don’t know’ and more in “a16z Podcast: The Best Way To Be Smart… Is To Not Be Stupid

Timothy B. Lee of Vox says ‘Silicon Valley is booming,’ and explains the differences he sees in today’s tech market vs. the 1990s tech bubble in “Why Today’s Tech Boom Isn’t Like the 1990s Bubble

Julia Shapiro of Hire an Esquire highlights current issues with the freelance economy and why she believes a new policy will arrive soon in “The New Economy Has 99 Problems and Uber Isn’t One

Daniel Castro and Alan McQuinn of Information Technology & Innovation Foundation issue a 39 page report that explores how the public and privacy advocates react to new technologies in “The Privacy Panic Cycle: A Guide to Public Fears About New Technologies

Jolijt Tamanaha of Fresh Prints shares seven lessons she learned from her first ‘flop’ as a founder in “‘Don’t Take Advice’ and More Startup Advice

From Mattermark

Join Mattermark’s COO and co-founder, Andy Sparks​ in Toronto, for a special fireside chat and networking event discussing SaaS growth, what a startup COO does, and how to use Mattermark for leads generation or deal sourcing.

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