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Mattermark Daily – Friday, December 19th

From the Investors

Mike Rothenberg of Rothenberg Ventures launches River, ‘the world’s first Virtual Reality Accelerator’, and shares their vision for supporting Virtual Reality startups, developers and creators in “The River Manifesto

Josh Wolfe of Lux Capital explores ‘convergent evolution and simultaneous invention, happy accidents, the adjacent possible, the vast un’ and more ideas in “Investing Themes from Tech & Biology

Aaron Schildkrout of RRE Ventures guides founders in ‘how to think about pitching their startup’ with seven characteristics to ‘imbue attitude, focus and enthusiasm’ in “A Must-Read Meta Guide to Pitching Investors

Bobby Goodlatte of Greylock Partners reveals his new ‘hybrid investor/designer role’ as Designer in Residence at Greylock Partners in “Why I’m Joining Greylock Partners as a Designer in Residence

Leo Polovets of Susa Ventures encourages founders, ‘if you need a break, take it, enjoy the holidays’ and to ‘work smarter rather than longer’ in “Taking Time Off

Lise Buyer and Leslie Pfrang of Close V Group for Strictly VC explore five questions they believe entrepreneurs should answer when considering an IPO in “Ready to Go Public? Really? You’re Sure?

Shruti Gandhi formerly of True Ventures outlines ways some companies are working on ‘combating notifications’, which she says, ‘make us living zombies’ in “Zombification from Notification

From the Operators

Mattermark CEO Danielle Morrill announces new features in Mattermark focused on the operational details of a customer’s experience in “Making Mattermark More Self-Service: Shorter Free Trials, No More Auto-Charging, Better Management of Plans & Payment Info + Internal Tools

Dave Gerhardt of Tech In Boston and Kyle Alspach of BostInno discuss which companies in the Boston ecosystem they believe will do well next year in “The 15 Companies to Watch in 2015

Andrew Miner of Redwood Labs explains his process for his initial customer development that ‘changed [his] thinking about the [product] details’ and not his vision in “Gathering Early-Stage Product Feedback

James Yoder of Chat Sports believes ‘applications supporting the on-the-go lifestyle need to adapt with human activities’, and gives a sports related use case in “Evolution in a Digital World

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