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Virtuexbank transfers in-app coins/money/credits from one game/app to another. So users can get virtual items or goods for free by exchanging coins from other games, without the need to buy game coins again & again. Virtuexbank allows users to accumulate their earned coins or money into one app which was previously spread in small amounts in many games or apps, thus enabling users to buy the vitual good they desire in the app they want. Buying items in a game can be expensive so why not use points earned while playing or bought in another game. So instead of buying in-game items it is simply better to transfer virtual cash, coins or credit, be it gaming or a shopping site. Apart from purchasing items game players frequently need to unlock higher levels of the game being played. These levels either need to be purchased or alternatively they could be unlocked by exchanging the same amount of virtual money through Virtuexbank. This is a good alternative to buying virtual goods, as its the gamer's own money but just spread in other games. It also helps use the coins gamers buy in one game into another, so not only the points earned but also the cash or credit bought can be used within multiple sites. Thus it provides transfer of coins, cash, credits, points, money or virtual goods from one developer portal to another helping users to convert their coins into other game or app's cash, credits, jewels, jems, points, money or other form of currencies. This also provides greater opportunity for marketers to advertise their virtual currency as tradable which has a greater impact on the perception on the minds of the users. Virtuexbank will provide an API to integrate with other app or game developers to enable them in making their currency tradable.




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