Company Description

Uber, a San Francisco-based technology startup, is innovating at the intersection of lifestyle and logistics. Uber connects riders with safe, reliable, convenient transportation providers at a variety of price-points in cities around the world.

B2C Transportation Hospitality

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Quick Facts

Location: Bay Area

Founded: 2009

Stage: C

Garrett Camp , Co-Founder & Chairman

Jeff Holden , Chief Product Officer

Brent Callinicos , Chief Financial Officer

Travis Kalanick , CEO & Co-Founder

Emil Michael , SVP of Business

Scott Sassa ,

Ryan Graves , Head of Global Operations & Board Member

Conrad Whelan , Systems Engineer

Ryan McKillen , Software Engineer

Austin Geidt , Head of Launch

Timothy Ferriss , Advisor

Stephen (Steve) Russell , Advisor

Casey Edgeton , UX Designer

Paul Bragiel , Board Advisor

Michael York , Operations & Logistics Manager

Shalin Amin , Head of Design

Christopher Ballard , General Manager, Uber, San Diego

Max J Crowley , Senior Community Manager

Ed Baker , Head of Growth

Alex Priest , Pro Team

Glenn Kaino ,

Oscar Salazar , Advisor

Rob Hayes ,

Steve Jang , Advisor

Josh Spear , Investor

Bill Gurley , Board Director

Curtis Chambers , Engineering Manager

Dom Narducci , Software Developer

Josh Mohrer , General Manager, Uber NYC

Craig Hunter ,

Matt Marra , Operations Manager

David Rohrsheim , General Manager, Uber, Sydney

Michael Jacobs , UX Designer

Ted Meisel ,

Salle Yoo , General Counsel

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