Company Description

Fab is an online design store.

Their worldwide customer base uses Fab to discover everyday design products at great prices, to connect with the world’s most exciting designers, and to share their favorite design inspirations.

Marketplace B2C E-Commerce

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Quick Facts

Location: New York

Founded: 2011

Stage: Late

Sunil Khedar , Founder & SVP, Engineering

Deepa Shah , Founder

Jason Goldberg , Founder & CEO, Board of Director

Maria Molland , Chief European Officer

Nishith Shah , Founder and Chief Technology Officer

David Lapter , Chief Financial Officer

Navin Chaddha , Venture Investor

Bhojani Ashfaq , Director, Admin

James Choi , Director of Transportation

James Mitchell , Board of Directors

Howard Morgan , Board of Directors

Kirill Sheynkman , Investor

Jay Levy , Investor

Ramesh Kumar , Product Manager

Soham Majumder , Lead UX/UI Designer

Klaus Hommels , Investor

Oleg Tscheltzoff , Investor

Stephen Bamonte , Global Art Director, Merchandising

Jeff Jordan , Board of Directors

Allen Morgan , Board of Directors

Geoffrey Prentice , Board of Directors

Nishu Goyal , Director of Software

Shervin Pishevar ,

Victor Belogub , investor

Jesse Weber , Investor

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