Company Description

Foursquare is a free mobile app that helps users keep up and meet up with friends. Since 2009, more than 45 million people have joined Foursquare, checking in around the world over 5 billion times. Those check-ins power the Foursquare Explore search engine, which provides personalized recommendations of the best places nearby.

In addition, more than 1.6 million businesses from large brands to small merchants have used its advertising and merchant tools to attract and maintain customers. More than 50,000 developers use the Foursquare API to add location to their apps. It has applications for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Nokia S40/Asha, and Symbian.

Foursquare was founded by Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai in New York City and has offices in San Francisco and London.

Advertising B2C Mobile Social Networking

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Quick Facts

Location: New York

Founded: 2009

Stage: Late

Dennis Crowley , Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dennis Crowley , Co-Founder

Steven Rosenblatt , Chief Revenue Officer

Noah Weiss , VP, Product Management

Rob Wilk , VP, National Sales

Jon Steinback , VP, Product Experience

Harry Heymann , VP, Engineering

Evan Cohen , General Manager

Peter Nofelt ,

Holger Luedorf , VP, Head of Business Development

Anoop Ranganath , Engineer

Jonathan Crowley , Director of Media Partnerships

Ben Lee , Software Engineer

Benjy Weinberger , West Coast Engineering Director

Omid Ashtari , Managing Director Europe

Sam Brown , Lead Web Designer

Bryce Roberts , Director

Harry Heymann , Head of Engineering

Alexandre Martins , Superuser 3 & Ambassador

David Greenberger , Director of Local Sales

Bijan Sabet , Boards Member

Mike Singleton , Engineer

Albert Wenger , Director

Leo Kim , Software Engineer

Mark Wyszomierski , Lead Android Developer

Max Sklar , Data Mining Engineer

Simon Favreau-Lessard , Software Engineer

Norbert Hu , Software Engineer

Ryan Landry , Network Engineer

Ben Horowitz , Director

Alex Rainert , Head of Product

Naval Ravikant , Investor

Brendan P. Lewis , Head of Communications

Robin Chan , Investor

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