Created in 2006, Twitter is a global real-time communications platform with 400 million monthly visitors to, more than 200 million monthly active users around the world. We see a billion tweets every 2.5 days on every conceivable topic. World leaders, major athletes, star performers, news organizations and entertainment outlets are among the millions of active Twitter accounts through which users can truly get the pulse of the planet.
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Quick Facts

Location: Bay Area

Founded: 2006

Stage: Exited

Dick Costolo , CEO

Evan Williams , Co-Founder

Jack Dorsey , Co-Founder, Exec Chairman

Biz Stone , Co-founder

Adam Messinger , CTO

Ali Rowghani , COO

Gabriel Stricker , VP, Marketing and Communications

Michael Sippey , VP of Product

Mike Davidson , Vice President, Design

Alex Roetter , VP, Engineering

Chris Fry , SVP Engineering

Kevin Weil , VP of Product for Revenue

Mazen Rawashdeh , Vice President of Infrastructure Operation engineering

Jana Messerschmidt , Vice President, Business Development

Raffi Krikorian , VP of Platform Engineering

John Kalucki , Distributed Systems Architect

Jay Edwards , Operations Manager

Rudy Winnacker , Operations Engineer

Bijan Sabet , Board Member

Chris Sacca , Advisor/Investor

Peter Fenton , Member, Board of Directors

Vitor Lourenco , Product Designer

Robin Chan , Angel Investor

Jerry Murdock , Investor

Florian Leibert , Research

Amanda Levy , Director of Sales / Western Region

Jessica Verilli , Corporate Development

Lance White ,

Adam Bain , President, Global Revenue

Bryan Haggerty , Mobile Designer

David Rosenblatt , Board Member

Alex McCauley , Business Operations

Ravi Narasimhan , Selfserve Ops and Analytics

Garth Patil , Consultant

Ian Chan , Software Engineer

Bill Couch , Software engineer

Mircea Pasoi , Technical Lead (Growth)

Shan Jing , Senior Software Engineer

Jordan Harband , Software Engineer, Web Apps, Revenue

Andrew Seigner , Engineering Manager

Menotti Minutillo , Technical Program Manager

Jeff Seibert , Director of Engineering

Wayne Chang , General Manager, Crashlytics

Russ Laraway , Director, SMB

Chris Fry ,

Mike Gupta , CFO

Yukari Matsuzawa ,

Scott Tomtania , Lead, International Staffing

Paul Stamatiou , Experience Designer

Naval Ravikant , Investor

Sana Haider , Software Engineer

Peter Chernin , Board Member

Nathan Hubbard , Head of Commerce

Vijaya Gadde , General Counsel

Jeffrey Morgan , Team Member

Vivian Schiller , Head of News Partnerships

Michael Shafrir , Software Engineer

Steve Jensen , Engineer

John Adams , Senior Operations Engineer

Britt Selvitelle , Lead of User Experience Team

Andrew Lorek , Engineer

Rael Dornfest , Engineer, User Experience Group

Mark Trammell , User Research

Jean-Paul Cozzatti , Product Synthesist

Todd Kloots ,

Shiva Rajaraman , Product Manager

Dan Coughlin , Director of Sales / Eastern Region

Dan Webb , Software Engineer

Jessica Verrilli , Corporate Development

Larry Gadea , Infrastructure Engineer

Robin Sloan , Media Partnerships

Peter Currie , Board

Ben Finkel ,

Claire Diaz-Ortiz , Social Innovation

Joel Lunenfeld , Director, Global Brand Strategy

April Underwood , Director of Web Business Development

Sara Mauskopf , Product Manager

Colin Brumelle , Software Engineer

Nick Kallen , Systems Engineer

Nancy Broden , Design Lead, Growth

Ron Pragides , Director of Engineering

Ruslan Belkin , Sr. Director of Engineering, Search and Relevance

Anamitra Banerji , Product

Barry Schuler , Investor

Adam Singer , Engineering Manager

Ran Enrico Magen , Software Engineer

Bakari Brock , Director, Legal for Revenue

Sam Pullara , Advisor-Engineering and Corporate Development

Ryan Brown , Sales Marketing Manager

Christi Ginger , TPM, Spam Engineering

Brian Frank , Product Manager

Anthony Smith , Designer

Dennis Phelps , Investment

Sachin Agarwal , Product Manager

Artur Adib , Senior Software Engineer

Jeff Sandquist , Director of Platform Partnerships

Gareth Paul Jones , Ad Partnerships

Randy Glein , Board of Directors

Marjorie Scardino , Board Member

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