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Klout measures influence based on the ability to drive action across the social web. Any person can connect their social network accounts and Klout will generate a score on a scale of 1-100 that represents their ability to engage other people and inspire social actions. Klout enables everyone to gain insights that help them better understand how they influence others. Klout also provides people with opportunities to shape and be recognized for their influence.

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Quick Facts

Location: Bay Area

Founded: 2008

Stage: Exited

Joe Fernandez , CEO

Virendra Vase , CTO

Binh Tran , Co-founder

Paige Craig , Investor & Advisor

Kevin Liu , Director of Product Engineering

Kelly Perdew , Investor

Tom McInerney , Advisor

Ben Ramirez , Creative Director

Bing Gordon , Board Director

Chi-Hua Chien , Board of Directors

Michael Tucci , Account Executive

Bob Komin , Advisor

Paul Bricault , Board Observer

Dave Lerner , Investor

David Bill , Advisor

Lou Kerner , Investor

Robert Johnston , Investor

Nova Spivack , Investor & Advisor

Joseph Morin , Advisor

Max Rayner , Investor

Don Hoang , Head of Business & Corporate Development

Nemanja Spasojevic , Senior Software Engineer

Noel Hartshorn , Engineering Manager (Mobile)

Gary Clayton , Advisor

Jon Dick , Sr. Director of Marketing

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