Q1 2015 Startup Investment Analysis – Benchmarking 2014, the Shift to Later Stage, Seed Concentration & New York Deep Dive

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We’re midway into February, and as we say in sales by the midpoint of the quarter we basically know where we stand. With that in mind, I’ve pulled together an overview of how Q1 is stacking up in comparison to last year and focused in on a few key trends that have been popular in the media. In this report, you will see the shift to later stage deals, greater concentration of capital in a smaller number of seed deals, and a few other interesting developments.

I’ve also highlighted startup investment activity in New York to sharpen the example of the move from early to later stage investing. Check it out, let us know what you think by tweeting to @Mattermark and you can also download the report as a PDF here.

Find Out What It’s Like to Work at Mattermark, Our First Company Video is Live!

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Hear about what it’s like to work at Mattermark from our team in their own words, take a tour of our office in North Beach, and let us share a bit more about how we’re turning our crazy vision to organize the world’s business information into reality. If you’ve watched this and want to join our adventure, we’re hiring! You can also learn more about our team.

Mattermark Startup Index: Top 10 Y Combinator Companies by Stage

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downloadAs a Y Combinator alum, I’m always curious (and constantly being asked) who seems to be doing the best of all the companies who went through the program. YC is often blamed for the rise of early stage valuations, and the disruption of the more traditional Series A. The program has been very successful in it’s 10 years in existence, spawning several “unicorns” or startups who achieved at least a billion dollar valuation. While some of these valuations are only represented on paper, others like Twitch and Heroku have delivered real cash returns.

Beyond the specific companies to watch, which are listed below, it’s also interesting to look at the YC companies in aggregate. The 55 companies who are currently at the Series A stage have on average raised a lifetime total funding of $11.6M per company, the 24 at Series B have raised an average of $31M per company and by Series C the average funds raised per company jumps to $187M and is skewed heavily by Dropbox and Instacart.

We love digging around in this data, tweet to us @Mattermark and let us know what other analysis you’d like to see the Y Combinator portfolio of companies, or jump in and start doing your own number crunching with the a free 14-day trial of Mattermark Professional.

Top 10 Seed Stage Portfolio Companies – by Growth Score (view full list on Mattermark)

  1. Final
  2. Unbabel
  3. FrontApp
  4. Sliced Investing
  5. Move Loot
  6. Estimote
  7. Bop.fm
  8. Humble Bundle
  9. Dr Chrono
  10. BloomThat

Top 10 Series A Stage Portfolio Companies – by Growth Score (view full list on Mattermark)

  1. Homejoy
  2. DoorDash
  3. Product Hunt
  4. ZenPayroll
  5. Lever
  6. Mattermark
  7. FlightCar
  8. URX
  9. LendUp
  10. LE TOTE

Top 10 Series B Stage Portfolio Companies – by Growth Score (view full list on Mattermark)

  1. Optimizely
  2. Tilt
  3. PagerDuty
  4. FutureAdvisor
  5. Interana
  6. Matterport
  7. HackerRank
  8. Kamcord
  9. FiveStars
  10. Sift Science

Top 10 Series C Stage Portfolio Companies – by Growth Score (view full list on Mattermark)

  1. Dropbox
  2. Instacart
  3. Coinbase
  4. Quora
  5. Hipmunk
  6. Codecademy
  7. E la Carte
  8. Scribd
  9. WePay
  10. Weebly

All Late Stage Portfolio Companies – by Growth Score (view full list on Mattermark)

  1. Airbnb
  2. Stripe
  3. iCracked
  4. Genius
  5. Airware
  6. Women.com
  7. Clustrix