If Mattermark Was Judging the Crunchies

The Crunchies took place tonight in San Francisco, awarding startups for achievement in several categories. We thought it would be fun to rank the companies based on their Mattermark Scores (scroll to the bottom read more about our scoring methodology).

We’ve placed a * next to the company that actually won in each category at the awards.

Best Collaborative Consumption Service

  1. Homejoy (Growth Score: 1195, Weekly Momentum: 768, Percentil: 99th)
  2. DogVacay (Growth Score: 976, Weekly Momentum: -203, Percentile: 99th)
  3. Lyft (Growth Score: 657, Weekly Momentum: 90, Percentile: 99th)
  4. Airbnb* (Growth Score: 546, Weekly Momentum: 114, Percentile: 99th)
  5. Crowdtilt (Growth Score: 529, Weekly Momentum: 1153, Percentile: 99th)

Best E-Commerce Application

  1. Good Eggs (Growth Score: 882, Weekly Momentum: 522, Percentile: 99th)
  2. Warby Parker (Growth Score: 651, Weekly Momentum: 139, Percentile: 99th)
  3. Wanelo* (Growth Score: 422, Weekly Momentum: 794, Percentile: 99th)
  4. Polyvore (Growth Score: 410, Weekly Momentum: -67, Percentile: 99th)
  5. BarkBox (Growth Score: 178, Weekly Momentum: -138, Percentile: 90th)

Best Mobile Application

  1. Snapchat* (Growth Score: 1499, Weekly Momentum: 1131, Percentile: 99th)
  2. Tinder (Growth Score: 1091, Weekly Momentum: 154, Percentile: 99th)
  3. WhatsApp (Growth Score: 783, Weekly Momentum: 466, Percentile: 99th)
  4. VSCO Cam (Growth Score: 740, Weekly Momentum: 545, Percentile: 99th)
  5. Mailbox (Growth Score: -206, Weekly Momentum: -88, Percentile: 5th)

Fastest Rising Startup

  1. Upworthy* (Growth Score: 2566, Weekly Momentum: 358, Percentile: 99th)
  2. Tinder (Growth Score: 1091, Weekly Momentum: 154, Percentile: 99th)
  3. Lulu (Growth Score: 800, Weekly Momentum: 326, Percentile: 99th)
  4. Whisper (Growth Score: 412, Weekly Momentum: 1188, Percentile: 99th)
  5. QuizUp (Growth Score: 387, Weekly Momentum: 387, Percentile: 99th)

Best Health Startup

  1. Oscar (Growth Score: 781, Weekly Momentum: 228, Percentile: 99th)
  2. Fitbit (Growth Score: 597, Weekly Momentum: 779, Percentile: 99th)
  3. MyFitnessPal (Growth Score: 436, Weekly Momentum: 603, Percentile: 99th)
  4. One Medical Group* (Growth Score: 272, Weekly Momentum: 210, Percentile: 95th)
  5. Practice Fusion (Growth Score: 108, Weekly Momentum: 108, Percentile: 85th)

Best Design

  1. Nest Protect by Nest Labs (Growth Score: 1372, Weekly Momentum: 389, Percentile: 99th)
  2. Pencil by FiftyThree* (Growth Score: 511, Weekly Momentum: 201, Percentile: 99th)
  3. Hi (Growth Score: 452, Weekly Momentum: 686, Percentile: 99th)
  4. Exposure by Elepath (Growth Score: 255, Weekly Momentum: 174, Percentile: 95th)
  5. Yahoo Weather (not tracked)

Best Bootstrapped Startup

  1. Imgur* (Growth Score: 1721, Weekly Momentum: 202, Percentile: 99th)
  2. NerdWallet (Growth Score: 529, Weekly Momentum: 233, Percentile: 99th)
  3. Grammarly (Growth Score: 353, Weekly Momentum: 714, Percentile: 99th)
  4. TaskUs (Growth Score: 236, Weekly Momentum: 126, Percentile: 95th)
  5. SmugMug (Growth Score: -143, Weekly Momentum: -135, Percentile: 5th)

Sexiest Enterprise Startup

  1. Zendesk (Growth Score: 743, Weekly Momentum: -537, Percentile: 99th)
  2. Optimizely (Growth Score: 613, Weekly Momentum: 413, Percentile: 99th)
  3. New Relic (Growth Score: 600, Weekly Momentum: 229, Percentile: 99th)
  4. Box (Growth Score: 396, Weekly Momentum: -560, Percentile: 99th)
  5. ClearSlide (Growth: 313, Weekly Momentum: -245, Percentile: 99th)

Best International Startup

  1. BlaBlaCar (Growth Score: 925, Weekly Momentum: 153, Percentile: 99th)
  2. SuperCell (Growth Score: 788, Weekly Momentum: 725, Percentile: 99th)
  3. Waze* (Growth Score: 419, Weekly Momentum: 125, Percentile: 99th)
  4. Xiaomi Tech (Growth Score: 86, Weekly Momentum: -378, Percentile: 85th)
  5. Huddle (Growth Score: 49, Weekly Momentum: 269, Percentile: 75th)

Best Education Startup

  1. Duolingo* (Growth Score: 1171, Weekly Momentum: 756, Percentile: 99th)
  2. Code.org (Growth Score: 509, Weekly Momentum: 507, Percentile: 99th)
  3. Treehouse (Growth Score: 506, Weekly Momentum: 694, Percentile: 99th)
  4. CreativeLIVE (Growth Score: 387, Weekly Momentum: 317, Percentile: 99th)
  5. Khan Academy (Growth Score: 255, Weekly Momentum: 10, Percentile: 95th)

Best Hardware Startup

  1. 3D Robotics (Growth Score: 1020, Weekly Momentum: 726, Percentile: 99th)
  2. SmartThings (Growth Score: 958, Weekly Momentum: 587, Percentile: 99th)
  3. Oculus VR* (Growth Score: 884, Weekly Momentum: 202, Percentile: 99th)
  4. Sonos (Growth Score: 556, Weekly Momentum: 139, Percentile: 99th)
  5. Square (Growth Score: 502, Weekly Momentum: 353, Percentile: 99th)

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (?)

  1. Tinder (Growth Score: 1091, Weekly Momentum: 154, Percentile: 99th)
  2. Vine (Growth: 921, Weekly Momentum: 2028, Percentile: 99th)
  3. Netflix (Growth Score: 798, Weekly Momentum: 805, Percentile: 99th)
  4. Vibease (Growth Score: 327, Weekly Momentum: 892, Percentile: 99th)
  5. Candy Crush Saga* by King.com (Growth Score: -367, Weekly Momentum: -864, Percentile: 5th)

Best New Startup of 2013

  1. Coinbase (Growth Score: 1681, Weekly Momentum: 911, Percentile: 99th)
  2. Tinder* (Growth Score: 1091, Weekly Momentum: 154, Percentile: 99th)
  3. Anki (Growth Score: 939, Weekly Momentum: -1376, Percentile: 99th)
  4. Glow (Growth: 491, Weekly Momentum: 53, Percentile: 99th)
  5. Whisper (Growth Score: 412, Weekly Momentum: 1188, Percentile: 99th)

Best Overall Startup of 2013

  1. Uber (Growth Score: 1603, Weekly Momentum: 870, Percentile: 99th)
  2. Snapchat (Growth Score: 1499, Weekly Momentum: 1131, Percentile: 99th)
  3. Twitter (Growth Score: 1058, Weekly Momentum: 349, Percentile: 99th)
  4. Kickstarter* (Growth Score: 398, Weekly Momentum: 45, Percentile: 99th)
  5. CloudFlare (Growth Score: 334, Weekly Momentum: 556, Percentile: 99th)

Methodology: The Mattermark Score describes historical changes of growth rates in estimated web traffic, estimated mobile downloads, inbound links, and social media on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to calculate a moving average “Growth Score” as well as the “Weekly Momentum” score. Read a more detailed description of the Mattermark Score with examples here.

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Looking For Mobile Apps with Traction? 20 To Try Out This Week

I love helping our clients look for promising deals, and I’m starting to recognize certain patterns for exceptional signals of growth that go beyond what our UI exposes in an obvious way. The most surprising thing the data has revealed lately is how few startups have widely used mobile applications.

Of the 200,000+ companies in our database just 6,386 received a mobile growth score, indicating they are or have been ranked in Apple’s iOS App Store in the United States sometime in the past six months. Of this group, only 1,180 are the flagship application of a venture-backed company.

Context: Challenges of Building Product for Mobile 

Investing in the growing mobile startups is highly competitive, but finding a promising deal feels a lot like searching for a needle in a haystack. For all the noise being made about going “mobile first” this strategy doesn’t seem to be working (or happening) at the majority of companies we are tracking. Andrew Chen’s piece from August 2012, which went viral again earlier this week, titled “Mobile App Startups Are Failing Like Its 1999″ explains the challenge:

Startups today have a super high bar for initial quality in their version 1. They also want to make a big press release about it, to drive traffic, since there’s really no other approach to succeed in mobile. And so we see startups burn 1/3 to 1/2 of their seed round before they release anything, it becomes really dangerous when the initial launch inevitably fails to catch fire. Then the rest of the funding isn’t enough to do a substantive update.

Context: Challenges of Distributing Products for Mobile

Relatively few startups have applications that are ranked in the App Store, and those who do often spend significant marketing dollars to keep them there. For early stage folks without that kind of budget anything short of an immediate hit will struggle for exposure, while an organic hit can catapult these companies to multi-billion dollar valuations seemingly overnight.

photo (26)Here are the top 10 fastest growing mobile apps of EVERYTHING we are tracking, based on the Mattermark mobile growth score:

  1. Bitstrips [MM: 669] – Turn yourself into a cartoon character, make comic strips to share with friends. (No known funding)
  2. Notegraphy [MM: 852] – combine words and graphics to create beautiful notes to share (July 2013 $260K seed round)
  3. 24me [MM: 378] – automate your calendar and tasks (No known funding)
  4. Paprika [MM: 338] – recipe management (No known funding)
  5. Vinted [MM: 1699] – P2P marketplace for clothes (No known funding)
  6. Bandcamp [MM: 239] – publishing platform for musicians (December $10 Series A from True Ventures, unknown amount)
  7. uSpeak [MM: 67] – mobile language learning (July 2012 Seed round from Great Oak Ventures Capital, undisclosed amount)
  8. Anomo [MM: 65] – anonymous social networking app (June 2013 $355K seed round)
  9. TheFind [MM: 369] – mobile ecommerce (July 2007 $15M Series C from Lightspeed Venture Partners, Redpoint Ventures and Bain Capital Ventures)
  10. SaveUp [MM: 156] – rewards for saving money and paying off debt (July 2012 $5M Series A by True Ventures and BlueRun Ventures, $7M total funding to date)

While many debate the accuracy of these valuations, they are missing the broader point. Few startups know how to do mobile distribution at a price point that makes sense for advertising-supported (or zero revenue) consumer applications, so anything short of a massive breakout hit carries the risk of ending up a huge money-pit for marketing dollars.

What About B2B Mobile Applications?

cotap screenshot

Ah yes, these rare unicorns. With my fantasy mobile fund I would aggressively go after any B2B mobile application with the slightest hint of organic traction and some previous funding (but not more than $10M) – these criteria whittle the list down to just 147 companies, and if you only want positive mobile growth scores the list is reduced further to just 40 prospects.

I think this is where we’ll find our next unicorns. Want to check some of them out? Here are top 10 on my list for B2B applications on the iPhone, ranked by Mattermark’s mobile growth score:

  1. CoTap [MM: 751] – workplace mobile messaging (May 2013 $5.5M Series A from Charles River Ventures & Emergence Capital Partners)
  2. Droplr [MM: 513] – simple secure file sharing for business (October 2013 $478K seed round lead by Seven Peak Ventures)
  3. Spotflux [MM: 294] – mobile security (March 2012 $1M Series A from New Atlantic Ventures and Kima Ventures)
  4. ClassDojo [MM: 1308] – behavior feedback platform for teachers and students (August 2012 $1.6M seed round from Ron Conway, Kapor Capital, StartFund, General Catalyst, Lerer Ventures, NewSchools Venture Fund and SoftTech VC)
  5. Attendify [MM: 667] – event attendee engagement app (September 2013 $200K seed round)
  6. Certify [MM: 38] – travel and expense management for SMBs (October 2009 $1.9M angel round from Irving Levin, Joe Proto, Esther Dyson, and William Benedict)
  7. Weekdone [MM: 431] – team task management dashboard (November 2013 $200K round from Kima Ventures, $360K raised to date)
  8. QuickMobile [MM: 442] – enterprise event management and planning (May 2013 $3.2M round from BDC Venture Capital, total funding $8.8M to date)
  9. LightArrow [MM: 28] – organization applications (March 2013 $1M seed round)
  10. FullContact [MM: 578] – contact information management (July 2012 $7M Series B from 500 Startups, Foundry Group and David Cohen, $8.8M total raised to date)

Testing out a B2B mobile application can be tough, because it requires much more effort to get going. Unlike consumer apps, where at least some of your friends have likely already joined, with B2B applications you are often the first one. Loading in tasks, projects, schedules, plans, goals, and then getting someone else in the work context to test it out with you can pose a challenge. To fill in the UI and actually get a “real” testing experience takes more time than making a profile and posting a silly picture… and so most people won’t. Which is why for investors willing to expend the time and attention, these types of applications offer an unfair advantage.

Do you invest in mobile startups? Purchase our Mobile Startup Report for $999 to receive a spreadsheet of 6,386 startups with mobile growth scores. Data points include app store rankings, estimated downloads, investors, investment amounts and dates, growth stats for web and social, industry categorization and more. BUY REPORT >>


IPO Watch 2014: 25 Late Stage Startups Showing Significant Growth

Internet_IPO_History.001This blog post is an excerpt from our Mattermark Weekly newsletter. Subscribe for free to get original content, insight, interviews and analysis in your inbox.

As 2013 draws to a close, we’ve seen a healthy uptick in IPOs of technology companies and many more heavily funded startups waiting in the wings to IPO in the months and years ahead. With this in mind, we have pulled together a list of the highest scoring companies who have raised at least $80 Million in funding, and have taken a new round in the past 2 years.

Silicon Valley Business Journal also features the list this morning with commentary from Mattermark CEO Danielle Morrill on the number of B2B companies to make the fastest growing list. She said:

“Given the metrics we measure I would have expected consumer companies to show their strength in this reading,” she said. “I would never have expected to find MongoDB at No. 2.”

1. Pinterest – social network for sharing photos on digital pinboards

2. MongoDB – noSQL database powering big data applications

3. Uber – on-demand marketplace for personal transportation

4. Pivotal – enterprise platform-as-a-service for software development and big data

5. Fancy – curated product discovery & online shopping

6. Nest Labs – creators of the Nest thermostat and Nest protect (smoke detector)

7. Zendesk – SaaS helpdesk and customer support solution for SMB and enterprise

8. Snapdeal – India’s largest online marketplace for e-commerce

9. Xiaomi Tech – Chinese software and hardware company (MI2 Android phone)

10. Outbrain – content discovery platform for native advertising

11. Fotolia – low-price stock photography marketplace from amateur photographers

12. Wayfair – largest online retailer of home goods in the U.S.

13. AirWatch – enterprise device, content and application management

14. ChargePoint – largest electric vehicle charging network in the world

15. JustFab – monthly VIP fashion membership program

16. DocuSign – electronic signature SaaS

17. Adaptive Planning – employee performance management SaaS

18. Deem (formerly Rearden Commerce) – B2B commerce-as-a-service

19. Appirio – enterprise software systems integrator

20. Tango – social network for mobile messaging and calling

21. Deezer – streaming music provider (not available in the U.S.)

22. Blue Jeans Network – enterprise software for business collaboration by video

23. AppDynamics – application performance management SaaS

24. Mulesoft – enterprise data integration platform

25. Box – secure file storage and sharing SaaS

Try Mattermark Pro for free to access our database of more than 200,000 startups. 

Notes on the Mattermark Score: Mattermark measures weekly changes in the growth rates of web traffic, mobile downloads, inbound links, employee count, social media following and engagement to assign each company a momentum score. The faster a company is growing, the higher their score. Weekly momentum scores are averaged over time to arrive at the Mattermark score, which describes the growth of each company over an extended period of time.

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