AngelPad January 2015 Demo Day – Sorted By Growth Score

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Yesterday, AngelPad, in San Francisco, hosted their Demo Day for their Winter 2014 class. 13 companies pitched their products to an audience of VCs, Angel Investors and decision makers at large tech companies, in hopes of closing their next round of funding. At Mattermark, we’ve tracked the startups with our business intelligence platform. The list below is sorted by our Growth Score. The Growth Score is calculated with Mattermark’s Mindshare Score, which quantifies metrics from app downloads, social media traction, website traffic and press mentions, in addition to number of employees and capital raised over time.

We ranked this outstanding batch of AngelPad companies and found the following five with the highest Growth Score:

  • Publet, is a content marketing solution amplifying B2B white papers and collateral through social and mobile platforms to generate sales leads. Mattermark Growth Score: 315.
  • HireCanvas, enables companies to recruit top talent leveraging employees and their university networks. Mattermark Growth Score: 120.
  • Mammoth, is a web and mobile application for groups to collect, discuss and publish content. Mattermark Growth Score: 102.
  • HelloSponsor, is a platform enabling brand advertisers to find, buy and track sponsorships at scale. Mattermark Growth Score: 82.
  • OpenSilo, is a B2B Customer Success and CRM application for companies to support their API developers. Mattermark Growth Score: 27.

There is not enough data for the other 8 companies to generate a Growth or Mindshare Score, but here they are:

  • CStorePro, is a SaaS application for convenience store operations and procurement.
  • CourseLoads, is a mobile-first service for college students providing overnight delivery of laundry, snacks and personal care items to dorm rooms.
  • Pitchtop, is a SaaS platform to successfully prepare and launch products leveraging crowdfunding.
  • Allay, is an HR and benefits platform for insurance brokers and their customers.
  • ViralTag, is a marketing platform for visual content used by over 3,000 businesses. It saves time and drives traffic by publishing your viral content to multiple social networks with a single click.
  • Agentdesks, builds a virtual network of real estate agents through a mobile CRM enabling agents to work independently from their brokerage firm.
  • Cookunity, provides families with home-style meals cooked by real chefs in a central kitchen.
  • Process Street, is a B2B SaaS application helping business create and track processes using super-powered checklists.

You can be be introduced to the founders of these startups with AngelPad’s intro tool.

Did you know that you can use Mattermark to search for companies based on accelerator programs? Simply sign up for a free trial and use our Advanced Search and Filters to sort, track, and compare companies from accelerator programs like AngelPad, Y Combinator, 500 Startups, TechStars, RockHealth, and more.

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To learn more about how the Growth Score is calculated, learn more here.

2014 Startup Traction Report Now Available for Pre-Order from Mattermark

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As 2014 comes to a close, I’ve been thinking about how we can bootstrap more in-depth research efforts for the New Year including reports that take 20+ hours to write. To kick off these experiments, today I’m excited to announce that our 2014 Startup Traction Report is available for pre-order and you can pay what you want. I’m recommending $1 this time since it is our first report of this kind (which we plan to make annual or perhaps even quarterly, depending on interest) and we haven’t proven anything yet, but I hope people who have come to love our content will contribute more for this 100 page in-depth research research report.

Pre-order the 2014 Startup Traction Report

Here’s a teaser of what you can expect, this graph is examining the 6 month change in employee counts at startups – broken out by stage:


I’m still working on the final draft, but it is loaded with color graphs backed by hours and hours of spreadsheeting and analysis. I’ve loved writing this report, and there are plenty of surprises and counterintuitive insights I’m excited to share.

Pre-order the 2014 Startup Traction Report

Pure Launches Sex-on-Demand App, Already #9 Among Fastest Growing Dating Startups

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pureappA new dating service called Pure has launched to a small community of private users in the past month, bringing casual hookups to men and women everywhere via a sleekly designed mobile app that strips away the profiles, chats, and other time consuming features to deliver sex on demand.

Founders Roman Sidorenko and Alexander Kukhtenko are applying an upmarket spin to something that might normally be referred to as “Ashley Madison 2.0″ – and it seems to be working.

With support from Sex-positive feminist writer Carol Queen, and an impressively designed website and short film describing the use-case, Pure’s website traffic has grow significantly in the past few weeks. (View their full profile on Mattermark Pro)


The Promotional Video (which is probably NSFW)

The service is currently in private beta and accepting applicants to join, so of course we signed up and will let you know once we’ve had a chance to use the app.

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 1.35.32 PM

According to their website, this is the manifesto of Pure:

Our core tenet is that no one person should have to be everything for another. We believe it’s natural for someone to feel a powerful sense of attachment to a long term partner, while experiencing romantic love for somebody else and at the same time, feeling sexually attracted to a diverse range of people.

We would like it to be all about exploring different dynamics with different people — sexual, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

Government, society, and religion have oppressed human sexuality in the past and continue to do so today. It’s time to make a radical change and give people back the freedom to enjoy a regular and diverse sex life. We are certain that gender, the type of sexual activity, or the number of participants in sexual relations should not be externally regulated.

Some people are looking for just one partner, while others want to explore and enjoy. It’s your choice, and Pure helps you act on it!