Y Combinator Winter 2014

Demo Day Quick Reference

Kimono is a way to turn websites into structured APIs from your browser in seconds. You don't need to write any code or install any software to extract data with Kimono. The easiest way to use Kimono is to add our bookmarklet to your browser's bookmark bar. Then go to the website you want to get data from and click the bookmarklet. Select the data you want and Kimono does the rest.

Taplytics makes native mobile A/B testing a breeze. With one line SDK integration, live updates to your users, no app store approvals and real time analytics, we have built something we know you will love. Implement Taplytics and start getting the most out of your app.

CodeCombat is an HTML5 game that teaches users how to program.

CodeCombat is a game, not a gamified lecture. The player controls their human forces in the battle against the Ogre horde. Players write JavaScript code to control units and tactics.

The game assumes no prior computer science knowledge and teaches users the basics of computer programming: logic structures, conditionals, loops, variables, etc.

As players advance, they gain experience, face more difficult challenges, and level up.

AirPair is an extensive network of experts with deep knowledge across many technology stacks and solutions. AirPair accelerates software development by pairing experts with engineers in real-time via video and screen sharing - leading to better software, produced faster, and at lower costs.

Beacon Reader allows readers a way to support and get access to high quality journalism.

Beacon's approach is basically a form of crowdfunding. On Beacon Reader, readers browse through different authors and their projects on the site and if they find one they like, they can buy a subscription. There are different subscription levels but the basic price is $5 per month. The subscription actually gives them access to the full array of Beacon content, but the specific project that they support will get the vast majority of their payment.

Currently, there are more than 70 journalists located in 30 countries on Beacon Reader.

Ambition is fantasy football for sales organizations. Really, it's a productivity tool masquerading as a game that replaces the spreadsheets, whiteboards, and even gongs used today. All sales organization are looking for ways to increase accountability, motivation, and engagement of their staff. By gamifying sales, Ambition provides recognition, transparency, and competition while simultaneously encouraging collaboration and team cohesiveness.

Once Ambition is deployed by an organization, they get week to week, team based metrics that create on ongoing, sustainable mechanism to track and motivate sales staff. Perhaps the biggest advantage of using Ambition is that it provides motivation up and down the sales force, whereas most motivational tools focus only on top performers.

Ambition provides seamless CRM integration with Sales Force and others. It also provides integration with phone systems to measure unique calls, call time, and other metrics.

Since launching in August of 2013, there are now already over $500 million in annualized sales flowing through Ambition and they continue to grow rapidly.

Ambition was founded by Travis Truett, Brian Trautschold, Jared Houghton, and Wes Kendall. They have raised a seed round from The Lamp Post Group, YC and YCVC.

The Dating Ring is a group matching site. The concept is to get people meeting one another by matching up users in groups of six and potentially start dating.

The site initially operated in New York City but has also launched in San Francisco.

The service works in the following way: Users have an initial consultation and specify availability. Then The Dating Ring sends users invites to group dates. The dates last about two hours at informal meeting places such as a bar or restaurant.

The hope is that by having a larger group all meet each other- there's a higher likelihood of two people hitting it off than there would have been with just people.

Style Lend (formerly Stylend) is a localized peer to peer community marketplace where fashionable women have access to the infinite dream closet. Do you have a closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear? Welcome to the club! If you are like one of us you probably don't like to wear the same dress twice and you probably have lots of beautiful dresses hanging in your closet. Why not earn money with those perfectly good dresses and make another girl feel like Cinderella for one night. And if you attend lots of events like we do you probably need a new dress every time. Now you can have it all without breaking the bank.

TrueVault is a HIPAA compliant database as a service. Healthcare applications use TrueVault to store protected health information (PHI). TrueVault provides all client-side and server-side functionalities required by HIPAA, and works just like any other API service. Typical integration takes days and saves months of development time. TrueVault will sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), and protects customers under a comprehensive Privacy/Data Breach insurance policy.

The Future of Prenatal Care in The Palm of Your Hand with pregnancy tracking system Bellabeat Bellabeat has created a device & app system that rethinks the pregnancy experience.

The Bellabeat System enables pregnant moms to experience the joy at listening to their unborn baby's heartbeat and share their experience with their loved ones through the social media or intimately. The Bellabeat team believes that by giving women a way to autonomously track and share their pregnancy experiences this engaging, comforting and enjoyable at-home experience will become a part of the contemporary prenatal care. With innovative sound visualization, tool for counting fetal movements, vibrant illustrations of fetal development and a tool for tracking and planning the pregnancy weight gain, the Bellabeat App allows mothers-to-be to connect with their yet unborn baby in an intimate and dynamic way and find information on how to lead a healthier pregnancy. The Bellabeat App is focused on community engagement and is including a new social platform called BellaBeat Global where pregnant women can interact amongst each other, exchange experiences and share information from the BellaBeat App to create an organized and social pregnancy diary. Through the Bellabeat Global platform, the community will engage with data visualizations and infographics based on uploaded pregnancy tracking data and find useful information about their pregnancy and health. The Bellabeat System is launched with the vision to make pregnancy tracking interactive and social. The ultimate importance of the Bellabeat device and app system lies in its aim to bring quantified self tools to pregnancy and start introducing future parents to using digital tools for pregnancy tracking through an easy to understand experience.

Algolia is a powerful Search as a Service API built for developers to deliver relevant results in their apps and websites from the first keystroke.

Say goodbye to confusing, blackbox search algorithms, and say hello to a fully customizable and comprehensive ranking where people can combine typos, geo-distance, proximity and any user defined criteria. They make the rules.

Integrate in minutes and focus their energy of providing a great user experience. Their time is better spent than operating servers on EC2. They're so confident that Algolia will never go down, that they provide a 99.99% SLA.

They are fully dedicated to meet their needs and to provide outstanding support, they are developers!

Zidisha is the only peer-to-peer lending service to connect individual lenders directly with microfinance borrowers in low-income countries.

Zidisha is based on the conviction that small-scale entrepreneurs in developing countries are capable of interacting responsibly with peer-to-peer lenders via a self-regulating web platform, without needing local intermediaries to communicate and manage loan transactions on their behalf. Though there are other microlending websites that allow individuals to contribute funds toward microloans of their choice, all of them rely on local microfinance organizations to communicate with lenders, create loan applications and collect repayments. In these intermediated microlending platforms, the communication is all one way, so that the borrower is often unaware of the lenders who funded his or her loan. The average intermediary organization adds over 30% - sometimes as much as 100% - in fees and interest to loans raised through these websites to cover its own administrative expenses. Such high interest rates reduce borrowers' profits, sometimes to the point of making them poorer than they were before they received the loan.

Unlike the postings on other microlending platforms, the loan applications and comments posted on Zidisha's loan pages are written by the borrowers themselves. This opens the way for dialogue between lenders and borrowers, so that lenders can receive answers to their inquiries about the loan and business directly from the entrepreneur they are funding. Eliminating unnecessary intermediaries also decreases cost of the loans. The average Zidisha borrower pays only about 8% (flat rate) in annual interest and fees, including interest paid out to lenders. This is far below the rates traditionally charged for microfinance loans in developing countries. Reducing interest costs allows the entrepreneurs to keep more of their profits, so that the loans have greater impact in reducing poverty.

sendwithus is the missing tool for online marketers who need control and insight into the transactional email their applications send. Based in beautiful Victoria, BC, the company's goal is help businesses send better email by employing their simple email content management platform.

sendwithus integrates with existing email service providers including SendGrid, Mandrill, and Mailgun. Our platform provides insight into how customers engage with email, how individual emails perform, and then makes those analytics actionable through A/B testing.

Cambly gives you instant access to native English speakers over video chat. Your language partners are ready to help you practice conversation skills, pronunciation, and any other English skills you'd like to improve.

42 is a big data platform for retailers.

The web-based platform analyzes and dissects existing point-of-sale data to provide greater insight into customer profiles, consumer buying patterns, customer loyalty, and personalized consumer marketing. This data equips brands to reach customer segments or individuals with more personalized recommendations.

42 presented on the runway at New York Fashion Week, and launched at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC in 2013.

Zesty is breaking down the barriers to healthy eating with the first healthy takeout and delivery app. The app empowers people to order healthy food from a curated set local restaurants, displaying nutrition facts and beautiful photos for every dish. Zesty enforces special cooking instructions (e.g. no MSG or added sugar, minimal salt and oil) to convert more restaurants into suppliers of healthy food. All dishes are categorized so they can filter for low carb, gluten free, paleo and many more options.

Zesty is available on iPhone in San Francisco, and is founded by Oxford mathematics graduates David Langer and Chris Hollindale. Previously Langer founded GroupSpaces, the UK-based membership software company that was backed by Index Ventures and today hosts over 5M memberships. Zesty is being advised by Instagram's former lead designer, Tim Van Damme, Tareq Azim, founder of Empower Gym, and Jude Gomila, co-founder of Heyzap.

Zesty rebranded from it's original name Hasty on November 4, 2013, coinciding with their public launch.

Move Loot is the most convenient and economical way to buy and sell used furniture online. They pick up furniture from sellers' homes, clean and store it in their warehouse, and then provide a seamless retail experience for buyers.

AirHelp helps air passengers get compensation from airlines when their flight has been cancelled, delayed or overbooked.

Most air passengers do not know they may be entitled to $250 - $600 in compensation when their flight is delayed or cancelled and even less wants to spend time dealing with the paperwork of the airline who is making the process very difficult and time-consuming.

On the AirHelp website, smartphone app or Facebook page, air passengers can check if they are eligible for compensation and request AirHelp to handle the claim on their behalf on a NO WIN, NO FEE deal. If the claim is successful, AirHelp keeps 25% of the compensation amount.

Memebox is an e-commerce beauty retailer launched in Seoul, Korea, and now headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

Memebox curates the most trusted and popular Korean beauty products at everyday prices. It offers consumers the flexibility to choose by steering away from traditional subscription-based programs offered by most other sampling services. Customers can order from Memebox only when and as often as they want.

In addition to its box series, Memeshop carries full-sized products featured in previous Memeboxes, offering insights into Korean cosmetic trends.

Our vision is to build an online and mobile exclusive brand, capitalizing on consumption trends to deliver effortless luxuries at everyday prices.

Next Caller is Advanced Caller ID for Businesses. They reduce the cost and length of customer service calls by sending caller profile data directly to answering agents. Next Caller's API has become native with many business VoIP providers and customer service platforms.

Orankl was founded in 2013 at MIT in Boston. We see reviews as a powerful and insightful tool with a direct impact on a store's revenue stream. Reviews are one of the most important trust indicators in a store and a channel to engage and understand your customers. Our purpose is to help you extract the most value of it, as easily as possible.

Abacus is a simple, fast way for businesses to reimburse their employees for company expenses.

They are re-imagining from the ground up how expense reporting would have worked if it had been born mobile. Kind of like expense reports without the report.

Learn more at www.abacus.com

Framed Data takes data from businesses and turns it into actionable insights and decisions. We train, optimize, and store productionized models in our cloud and provide predictions through an API, eliminating infrastructure overhead. We provide dashboards and scenario analysis tools that tell you which company levers are driving metrics you care about.

AptDeco is an online marketplace for buying and selling quality preowned furniture.

AptDeco offers a complete end-to-end process to bring back the joy of discovering amazing furniture finds again. With a trusted and verified community of buyers and sellers, pre-arranged pick up and delivery and a secure payment process you can finally sit back, relax and enjoy your finds while we take care of those pesky details in the background!

Gobble is an online marketplace for home-cooked food. Local chefs may build a personal online storefront, and offer their meals to nearby families and companies. Currently in alpha mode, Gobble processes over 500 orders a month in the Bay Area. Founded in 2010, Gobble is based in Palo Alto, CA.

Vidpresso is a simple way for broadcasters, event producers and podcasters to use social media in their live productions. It's designed to give the producer full control and confidence in using social media in their productions.

Vidpresso allows users to broadcast content from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

TerrAvion provides high revisit rate aerial imagery for agriculture. Our Overview service offering focuses on high value crops in California like grapes and almonds.

Overview is differentiated by an overnight data turn-around, a thermal band, a very high (weekly) revisit rate, and web delivery of data. Our data can be used by agronomic analysts to optimize irrigation, efficiently scout large areas for disease or other problems, and to support planning of harvest and other major interventions.

Piinpoint helps businesses find the best locations for expansion.

Minuum is a tiny, one-dimensional keyboard that frees up screen space while allowing fast, accurate typing.

Current technology assumes that sticking a full typewriter into a touchscreen device is the best way to enter text, giving us keyboards that are error-prone and cover up half the usable screen space (or more) on most smartphones and tablets.

Minuum, on the other hand, eliminates the visual clutter of archaic mobile keyboards by adapting the keyboard to a single dimension.

What enables this minimalism is our specialized auto-correction algorithm that allows highly imprecise typing. This algorithm interprets in real time the difference between what you type and what you mean, getting it right even if you miss every single letter.

Minuum is a product of Whirlscape.

High Quality, Functional 3D Printing Materials

One Degree is a nonprofit organization with the goal to connect low income families with high-quality service providers and community resources. One Degree makes it easy for families to access the help they need to thrive by providing the best information available, and by empowering them to give both positive and critical feedback on programs they use.

Weave is beautiful software that seamlessly syncs with your dental practice management software coupled with telephone service.

Povio is a mobile communication app for iPhone and Android that uses photos to communicate and engage. We chose photos because they are the easiest to create and consume.

There are hundreds of ways to stay in touch with your friends, but they are slow, intrusive and can't handle more than a handful of contacts.

Povio is:

Demand driven - your friends are asking you to share, so it's natural to respond and doesn't feel like bragging

Fast - it takes 3 seconds to go from the lock screen to automatically capturing a photo of your point-of-view

Engaging - once you've shared your photo you can ping back your friends and now it's their turn to respond by taking a POV photo

Povio is not about vanity. Your photos don't have to be cool and fancy. You're just sharing what you're doing with your friends because they asked for it.

Capture the moments of your life that happen in between the fancy photos you would share on other social networks.

Shoobs is the online ticketing website that gives you more! See pictures, watch video clips, hear the tunes and buy tickets! Your Night Starts Here!

Wit.AI makes it easy for developers to build a Siri-like speech interface for their app or device. It's an API that turns speech into actionable data.

Wit.AI is a Y Combinator company based in Palo Alto, CA.

Threadable is a mailing list management solution that aims to make group email less noisy and more actionable.

StackLead provides customer intelligence as a service. It automatically delivers the research you need to understand new signups. We crawl the web and gather all the pieces of intelligence required to prioritize a new lead and their business.

CareMessage (previously, Anjna Patient Education) is a Stanford University born nonprofit organization in San Francisco with the mission to improve health literacy and disease self-management for underserved populations. The CareMessage platform enables healthcare organizations to facilitate communication and outreach to promote engagement and better self-care. CareMessage has been supported by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Y Combinator, Goldman Sachs, Echoing Green and Stanford University.

SketchDesk allows for businesses or individuals to turn their sketches, notes, etc into a custom made designer slideshow.

Customers either upload or email their draft slide deck to the site, and within 24 hours, they receive the professionally designed version in return.

Two Tap is a platform allowing publishers to sell products directly in their applications, enabling streamlined e-commerce. Shoppers are able to order products without leaving the in-app experience, and benefit from a shared wallet. Two Tap also enables quick checkouts on iOS Safari and Google Chrome.

Programmers using Two Tap are able to place orders on e-commerce sites using codes via the HTML5 interface or the API. Two Tap offers three options: free, standard, and enterprise.

Two Tap was founded by Radu Spineanu and Razvan Roman in Palo Alto, California, United States.

CodeNow is a nonprofit focused on teaching under-represented youth to code. They provide free, out-of-school training hosted at local tech companies.

SuperHost is a a property management service for Airbnb hosts.

For the 15+ million events that are organized each year, we make them easier to organize and more interactive. We're changing the way organizers share information at their events, how they engage their attendees, and the attendee experience.

Event organizers use our simple to use self-service platform to create powerful social mobile apps, handle ticketing/registration, power activity walls, and design an event website.

We create an engaging experience for attendees that keeps them constantly informed, engaged, and connected to other attendees, sponsors, and organizers.

Simply put, Eventjoy makes events awesome.

Zinc Save is a service by Zinc that makes it easy to save money when making purchases online. Our Chrome extension adds a button at the end of checkout on retail sites like Amazon.com. Simply use the Order with Zinc button to place your purchase with guaranteed savings.

HoverChat is an app focused on making messaging more of a multi-tasking experience and allow users to use the messaging service without interrupting their work flow.

The app is currently available on Android phones.

A battery management system (BMS) that increases battery capacity and cycle count.

BatteryOS is a new way of controlling rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that enables any normal battery to have higher capacity and not degrade over time.

Boostable makes advertising easy and effective for sellers on marketplaces. Boostable is a YCombinator company based in San Francisco and funded by SVAngel, 500Startups, Fuel Capital and angel investors.

An educational platform that prepares patients and families to safely return home after a major surgery